Why Support?

40 Years of Choral Giving

With the help of our loyal audiences and supporters, the choruses funded by the Rockbridge Choral Society continue their pursuit of choral excellence.  The interest and support of our donors keeps that work moving forward season after season and allows it to stretch.  In addition to the performances we provide, our major goals are to expand our audience and to grow the work of educating younger singers in the communities we serve.  

Americans love to sing, and they love to sing together! According to the National Endowment for the Arts, one in fifteen Americans sings in a chorus and many belong to more than one!  Choral singing has the broadest participation of all the performing arts and this participation comes from all demographic and socio-economic groups.   Amateur choral singers are also the core of our fan base, sharing with the choruses their personal experience of the discipline and the joy of singing with others.

Choral singing transports both singer and listener.  Your support allows us to continue to deliver great choral music to our community and provides us with the ability to bring the ensemble singing experience to future generations.  Our goals are to increase the number of educational and participation opportunities for all singers in our communities who want to join, learn, and perform, while we continue to steward and improve our collective sound.  

Our dedication to artistic integrity is constant, as is our commitment to singing challenging music and a highly diverse choral repertoire that spans six centuries.  We are dedicated to the support of new composers and are constantly on the hunt for new and intriguing works.  We hope you will join us in our mission!