Volunteer Spotlight - Ticket Master

Deb Price, RCS Ticket Manager.jpg

This season, new alto section member Deb Price graciously volunteered to be the ticket manager for handling ticket distribution to chorus members and the general public.  Like most of her fellow chorus members, Deb is a long-time choir and chorus singer and enjoys singing all types of music. She also enjoys hiking, learning about Virginia’s history, and, lucky for us, volunteering.  Please, take a moment to thank Deb and her husband Jerry for taking on this important job for the RCS. 


           If you are interested in learning more about any of the jobs that our volunteers do, please check in with the Friend’s Executive Director, Melanie Griffis-Hooper.  Send her an email at admin@rcs.org to learn how you can use your non-vocal talents to help, or catch Melanie at one of our Monday night rehearsals, and thanks!